KiidsConnect is a landmark and innovative peer-to-peer performing arts carnival for young people aged 7 – 12 years old, hosted and managed by young people. Organised by StageKiids International, and conceptualised and designed by actor and arts educator Noorlinah Mohamed, KiidsConnect aims to celebrate the passionate voices, minds and spirits of young people, sparked by their interest in the performing arts.


As a peer-to-peer arts carnival, KiidsConnect features two main elements in its structure, namely a performance showcase for primary school participants, and a Young People’s Organising Team mentored by industry experts in hosting, front of house management, stage management, technical production, and hospitality.

Organising Team

To create this unique peer-to- peer platform, KiidsConnect is supporting and training a Young People’s Organising Team comprising of 35-40 young people aged 9 – 12 years old to manage the event. KiidsConnect mentors will offer hands-on workshops in the following areas: - Young Hosts/MC/Announcers of the event - Young Front-of- House Managers - Young Stage Management - Young Lighting and Sound Operators - Young Welfare and Hospitality Managers. We estimate 15-20 hours devoted to the Organising Team to develop appropriate knowledge and skills to helm KiidsConnect.


Step 1 - Which Performance?
One Time Pass
Student - S$ 15.00
Adult     - S$ 20.00
3 Days Pass
Student - S$ 35.00
Adult     - S$ 50.00
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Goh, Ban Kin

Jusuf, Hendra

Laguna Hotel Holdings

Lim, Yew Jian

Quek, Chin Hung

Ong, Jen Yaw (Angeline)

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